Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Q: What should I do if I have a spare ticket I want to sell?

A: Tweet @arsenal_tickets saying what game your ticket is for, where it is situated and how much it costs.

Q: Someone has said they want my spare ticket, what do I do now?

A: The details of the transaction are completely down to you, whether you want to meet at a game or arrange a pick up. We aren't involved in any of this, we are just here to help people with spares meet those who want spares.

Q: Can I sell the ticket for as much as I want?

A: No, we have a strict policy of no touting. If you want to use our service to find people who want to buy your ticket then you MUST sell it at face value. If you try to charge more than face value then we will block you and warn our users not to buy from you.
Rounding up tickets from £38 to £40 is up to the buyer completely as many people don't bother with change and can see this as a handling charge. Also if you mail a ticket to someone then it is up to the seller whether to charge for postage or not.

Q: I want to find a spare for a particular game, what should I do?

A: Many people often tweet directly at me asking for spares. This isn't the best way to go about. I don't RT requests as it would clog up peoples timelines.
The best thing you can do is keep an eye on our timeline or set up an alerts system. We ALWAYS RT when people have spares. We never hold tickets back.
Basically, if you scroll through our timeline and you can't find any spares for a particular game then I haven't heard of any. I RT them as soon as I hear of them.

Q: I have a Membership that someone can use to buy tickets for an away game.....

I won't RT people who are offering their memberships to people for away games to get away credits or if they are just being nice. This can be seen to be unfair to other members etc.
The point of this service is to help out Gooners who can't go to games and to help fill up the stadiums.

Q: Are you a tout?

A: Most definitely not! I never see tickets or money. I make no money whatsoever from this and neither do the people who use our service. We had a couple of encounters with touts in our earlier days but we are very aware of them now and thankfully a lot of our followers are very vigilant.
Despite some people brandishing us as a tout it is just them being ill informed or just general idiots.

Q: Can you RT my blog for me/ Can you follow me?

A: No.

Q: You're amazing! Is there anything I can do to help YOU out?

A: Why yes, yes you can! I am currently arranging a fundraiser for Save the Children. You can donate to my Just Giving page if you'd like.


  1. Brilliant idea. As a Gooner who has to live Ooop North getting tickets is extremely difficult, and a red membership doesn't really help. A worthwhile cause and underlines the integrity of this whole system and you as the saintly operator.

  2. Do you ever come across fake tickets? What happens if you think you may have a fake ticket? Have season ticket holders blindly given out their tickets with no regard of a return?

  3. Got quick question, my friend got a ticket for Everton game, booked online through a member, for £148/-!!!. I think its for clock end upper tier. The question is, I thought Everton was a Cat B game and the price seems extortionate!!!! Is it for real??? He has got the booking confirmation email, which O can forward to you. Somehow I think it is not real, would really appreciate if someone can confirm that it is true price

  4. Hey Noamson. I'm not 100% sure but I think a £148 FV ticket would have to be club level for it to be that expensive. If it is clock end upper tier, there is not way that is even close to the FV as Everton would be Cat. B.

  5. If you guys know where i can get different football game tickets like arsenal tickets online please let me know I'm a huge fun of arsenal football team. I have a quick question to ask how much should be the cost of 4 tickets on the upper tier? Thanks.

  6. By face value I assume that that's the non member price?

  7. By face value I assume that that's the non member price?